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Future Boy Conan Season 1 Episode 23 Solar Tower 1978

Conan continues going up the tower to confront Lepka, who attempts to flee via a flying machine, with Lana as his hostage. Conan cripples the vessel and saves Lana, while Lepka apparently perishes aboard the crashing machine. While Dyce takes Monsley away for medical treatment and keeps her company, Lana wakes Dr. Lao, and together they and the High Council scientists work to complete the Solar Tower and activate the satellite. The link-up is successfully established, and Industria gains the power it needs to facilitate the evacuation program. After preparations are initiated, Lao uses the Triangle Tower's holographic park to explain to Conan, Lana and Jimsy that the old world's dream of unlimited power - an unattainable illusion - was responsible for the great catastrophe that devastated the Earth, and that humanity shall henceforth learn to live in harmony with nature again.

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