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Future Boy Conan Season 1 Episode 21 The Citizens Underground 1978

Conan and Monsley crash into Industria and are captured. Under pursuit, Lana, Dyce, and Jimsy find a way into the underground barracks of Industria's lower-class citizenry. They eventually come across Luke and his friends, and learn from them that Dr. Lao managed to make a deal with the High Council to evacuate Industria, but they were all detained by Lepka, who subsequently appointed himself dictator. Monsley witnesses Lepka viciously torturing Lao and ruthlessly planning to flush Lana out of hiding by flooding the entire underground residential area. When she tries to persuade him to follow Dr. Lao's advice, but Lepka stubbornly refuses to follow a more peaceful path, Monsley openly turns against Lepka and helps Conan escape. But before she can accompany Conan, she gets shot, forcing Conan to leave her behind.

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